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Life of Brian

By Dawn Tiller

Victoria Summers watched as darkness descended over the distant horizon. The hills were stained with the blood of the late sunset, and the light reflected an orange glow onto the face of the sword she held in her lap. Victoria stroked the metal, a tiredness etched into her face. She was tired of being scared. She was tired of running. She was tired of being hunted.
She just wanted to be human.
A tall boy with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes sat next to Victoria. His face echoed hers, his lips formed a hard line. His eyes were troubled, confused.
"I still don't get you, Tori. You're seventeen. What do you need a sword for, really?"
Victoria sighed, sliding the metal back into it's sheath soundlessly. "You wouldn't... you couldn't understand, Andy."
And it was true. Her situation was not one of human conception. If she told Andrew why she had to have a sword on her, at all times, he would neither understand her, nor believe her.
After all, how do you tell your best friend you're not human?

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