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Sharks Waters

By Jade

Chapter 1-The very beginning
Koby looked into the water. He knew he couldnt, but he knew he had to. The moer he stared, the more the temptation ws rising within him. Then without thinking, Koby jumped.
He was swimming for while. Koby knew it. The water was his passion. He felt relaxed and at ease swimming and swimming and swimming. Until he remembered, he'd been grounded. He ignored the fact and kept on swimming.
People on the sandy beach looked at him as if he were crazy. Life guards were speechless, they knew it would be too late to blow their whistles. And they knew the kid was in trouble. Koby was in Shark waters. It was where all the sharks gathered. So whoever is in charge of the beach had put a rod with poles in the sand saying, "Do not swim in this area for your saftey."
Koby kept swimming. Unitl he saw a shark. It glared at him. He glared at him back. Koby did the worse thing in a situation like this-he did a sudden movement. The shark was chasing after Joby. Koby dashing for shore and the shark catching up.
Everyone on the beach watched in amazement, in fact one of Koby's parents friends called his parents. As Koby kept on swimming he felt somthing pull him down. He looked at his leg and saw the shark eating it with blood rising. Many watched as Koby Salvermen was being eaten alive by a shark.

Chapter 2- Descendant
Rianne glanced at her brother Josef. "Go ahead." said Josef, smiling. Rianne was FUMING mad. If only she wouldnt have lost the bet.
She sighed, and dived in the water. She swam and swam. Joef's eyes widened. Rianne had accidetally swam into Shark Waters, the same place his great-grandfather Koby had died. "RIRI!" he yelled. Rianne shot her head out of the water. "WHAT?" she yelled. "SHARK WATERS!" yelled back Josef.
Oh No. Rianne raced for the shre. "HURRY!" Josef reapted. Rianneswam and swam. If only she was as fast as her great grand-father. Rianne then saw the fin of the shark floating by her. She saw another and another. 7 sharks were swimming around her. Rianne made no sudden movements. "SWIM IDIOT!" yelled Josef. Rianne ignored him. Then, without moving a muscle, her face was pulled into the water. She swam up and up and up, being pulled by a great force. "JOSEF!" she yelled. Josef dived into the water. He was too late.
Rianne was gone

Chapter 3-Josef
Josef Salvermen looked at the calender. September 2th. Great. The same day Rianne, his sister, had been devoured by sharks. Josef always blamed the incident on himself. If only he would have saved her quicker. She would still be alive, looking at her neice and nephew.
Josef's wife, Antonella Salvermen, hugged him. "It wasn't your fault." she said "YES IT WAS!If I only didnt bet her." replied Josef, holding back his tears. Antonella had been married to him for 12 years, she knwe Josef quite well. She left the room. Nelly, his 10 year old sister, was peeking into the office. She herself had watery eyes. Every now and then, she would hear the story of her great-great-grandfather and of her aunt.
Nelly decided to leave her father alone. He was very sad. Josef couldnt take it anymore. Being a scientist and a professor at a college, he decided to study the origin of Shark Waters. He wanted to make a difference. He didnt want anyone elses family to pass away when they were swimming. Josef got to work, and as his partner? His kids. 11 year old Nelly and 12 year old Evan.

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