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Save The Seari Flower!

By Ashley

Whiffo, a brown beagle, was in a field of flowers. Her favorite flower had peach pink petals with shiny green leaves. On each petal and stem and the center of the flower, rested a white seed. It was called a seari flower. It had come from the nation of Seari Flower, the “s” and “f” capitalized. It was named after the seari flower. It was prized everywhere. It was special because seari flower seeds glow in colors of the rainbow. Whiffo lived in Faboo and the Fabooian flower was the spark flower.
Whiffo felt her eyes open. It had been jus t a dream. Today was Thursday. She looked around the room. It needed to look brighter, and more colorful. “Royal blue curtains, pink pillows.” Whiffo let her mind wander off.
Whiffo grinned. She thought of an idea while she was eating breakfast. She ate her buttermilk pancake shaped like a sparkle quickly and gulped down a glass of Tasty Trickle. She needed time to think about her new idea. “I need to go to the flower shop!” she decided finally as she ran out her house.
Whiffo halted at the door of the flower shop, she felt joyful. As she skipped around the shop searching, something smelled odd. The clerk, Bonnie, a white rabbit with pointy ears seemed to read Whiffo’s mind. “The seari flowers aren’t being sold anymore. I think that they’re becoming extinct!” Bonnie told Whiffo. Whiffo stared. Then, Whiffo responded, “I’ve got to get to school,” and sprinted out the door and headed towards school.
After school, Whiffo went home. An idea came into her head. I’ll gather my friends to help save the seari flowers! Wait, she thought, I’m only 9 and I don’t have enough power to do that. She didn’t like thinking that and pushed the thought away.
Whiffo drove her star car (a kind of car that anyone can drive) to the 3 rabbits’ house. Snow White, who was white, Aqua, who was blue, and Amethyst, who was purple, lived there.
They were playing 4 square when Whiffo arrived. “Hi Whiffo. Where are we going?” Snow White asked. “We’re going to Waffo’s house,” Whiffo said. “Jump on the car.”
They drove past the line that divided Faboo from Waffington, the place where Waffo lived. Whiffo steered the car to the right, and then turned right again and stopped in front of Waffo’s house. Waffo greeted them as they got out of the car.
Waffo was just like Whiffo, only the color of strawberries and was Whiffo's best friend. “Hello Whiffo. What brings you and the bunnies here today?” The rabbits shrugged. Whiffo said, “Let’s go inside first.”
“Today, when I went to the flower shop to buy seari flowers, Bonnie told me that the seari flowers are becoming extinct. Will you help me save them?” Whiffo pleaded. “That happened to me too. I’m definitely joining,” Waffo said. “Well,” Snow White said, “How are we going to do that if we don’t have a plan?” “You’re right,” Amethyst added. Waffo responded, “What if we convince Koala Boo – you know the mayor of Seari Flower, to give us seari flowers-” “And we’ll give him spark flowers in return!” Whiffo finished off. “I don’t agree,” Aqua said, “If Koala Boo disagrees, what shall we do? I can’t just say, ‘You owe me a blueberry pancake.” “You owe me a blueberry pancake” was what Aqua said when she was upset at someone or someone did something that she did not like. “Aqua, let’s just try this plan out,” Amethyst suggested. Everybody agreed to try the plan. “Tomorrow at 1:00, let’s gather at Whiffo’s house, and then drive to Seari Flower. Details will be discussed later,” Waffo said.
On Friday, the friends met at Whiffo’s house, then drove to Seari Flower.
As Whiffo drove home, she believed that she could save the seari flower. “Whiffo and I will be the leader. Bunnies, try to convince Koala Boo to make a deal with us. Got it?” Waffo asked. “Got it,” everybody else said.
They stopped at Seari Flower near Koala Boo’s house.
Then, they met Koala Boo.
“Greetings, Koala Boo.” They introduced themselves. “In Faboo, the seari flowers are extinct. We would like to have some seari flowers if we trade you some spark flowers.” Whiffo requested. Koala Boo answered, “I can’t do that for you, puppy. Besides, I don’t think you have spark flowers anyway.” Aqua shoved the spark flowers in his face. “Is that enough proof?” she asked. “I’ll think about it. Come back later,” Koala said calmly. The rabbits were no calm. They were fuming. “Why,” Aqua demanded, “Just because we’re little, you won’t make a deal? Huh?” “I said that I will think about it. Now GO AWAY!” Koala roared. It’s going too far now, Whiffo decided. Waffo thought so too. Whiffo and Waffo apologized to Koala Boo and led the rabbits back to the car.
On the car, there was yelling and the rabbits were blaming each other. Oh well, our plan is probably not going to work anymore, Whiffo thought. She overheard the rabbits saying:
“Aqua, why were you yelling at Koala Boo? Why did you make him angry?”
“But you guys were angry like me! You can’t just blame it on me!”
“Guys, stop it!” Waffo finally said.
When Whiffo dropped the rabbits off, the rabbits told her, “We’re not part of this anymore because Koala Boo won’t listen to us.” Whiffo's ears drooped. Without asking why they quit, she drove Waffo to her house.
“Waffo, this thing won’t work anymore,” Whiffo said between sobs.
“Whiffo, its O.K. I’ll help you out no matter what. You can sleep over at my house and then we can plan what we could do,” Waffo offered. Whiffo answered, “Thanks for being a great friend. I’ll sleep over.”
“Koala Boo might want to be friends with us,” Waffo said. Whiffo asked, “Why?”
“Well, did you see how calm and patient he was at first? Most animals aren’t that nice to foreigners.”
“That’s right I guess. Let’s try to do that if he doesn’t agree onto what we said first.”
Whiffo went to sleep feeling that she could achieve her goal.
Saturday, Whiffo heard Waffo’s alarm clock bark and she woke up. It’s a start of a new day, Whiffo thought.
Whiffo and Waffo drove back to Seari Flower. It was now or never.
They met Koala Boo again.
“Hi Koala Boo. Have you made up your mind yet?” Waffo asked. “Yes,” Koala began, “I decided that I will make the deal with you. By the way, what happened to the three rabbits?” “They decided they did not want to come with us anymore,” Whiffo answered. “Wait, you mean you’ll exchange seari flowers for spark flowers?” Waffo asked. “Yes. You pups have proven to me that you will not give up and keep trying. You have built up the trust that you can save the seari flowers. Now, you are a friend of me so call me Koala. “Thank you,” Whiffo and Waffo said happily to him as they exchanged the flowers.
Later, Whiffo visited the flower shop. Bonnie was happy to hear that the seari flowers were back. Whiffo was about to buy some when Bonnie said, “You brought the seari flowers back. You can take these for free.” Whiffo said thanks to Bonnie and went home.
Waffo was at a flower shop at Waffington. She gave the clerk the seari flowers. Instantly, the clerk’s face lighted up. “Thank you,” he said to Waffo.
The next day, Sunday, Whiffo was decorating her house with seari flowers. Then, the phone rang. “This is the Pentagon T.V. We would like to interview you for saving the seari flower. You and Waffo will come here by 3:00,” a voice said. “But, what’s Pentagon T.V.?” Whiffo asked. “It is the place where they film T.V. shows. You will be interviewed over there,” the voice said and hung up.
Whiffo called Waffo. She said that she already got a call from Pentagon T.V. they decided to meet there.
Both dogs arrived at Pentagon T.V. at 3:00. “Why are we here? We didn’t save the seari flower to become famous,” Whiffo said. The voice, who was Jack answered, “Koala Boo and Bonnie have told me about this. You have done a good deed. You also showed patience and you did not give up; instead, you kept trying to achieve your goal. You also helped to nations. ”
At the interview, Whiffo and Waffo spoke all about the ideas they made, the hardships. They said that they learned to not give up, and be patient. During the commercial time, everything seemed to brighten up. Maybe it was the seari flowers, Whiffo thought. Maybe they can do more than shine. Maybe, they can make animals happy.

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