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Disease of Love, Part One.

By Alayna Patterson

This story is a preface, and a part of it. I wrote it on a site called story write. My username on that is daubignegurl34 if you would like to read others. Enjoy.
I can remember her blonde hair stained against her crimson blood. The blood stained her face from coughing up blood before this situation. I was in the ambulance with her, on the way to the hospital. I was crying tears of sadness, fury. My cheeks were flamed with red, swollen from the tears that spilled from my eyes. The salty tear fell once again, dropping onto Stephanie's face as her eyes closed, and her chest no longer rose. The blood mixed with the water and fell down her cheek, creating a watery heart. Sobbing began to rise through my throat, and I broke down. The heart monitor began to fall.

Part One
Silence took over. Nobody spoke. The only sound that was made was the fridge's humming and the beeping of the washing machine coming to a stop.
My father and I sat alone at the dining room table and I had no idea what was going on, but my father said not to speak. He must be having a moment.

But no, I knew what was going on. It was something to do with Mum, or Stephanie. Something was wrong and I could feel it shuddering beneath my skin

I heard keys rattling moving closer and closer to the door, finally finding itself and a scratching sound unlocking the door. It opened and all I could find within myself, was relief.

As my mother and Stephanie walked in, I saw her hands held in Mum's. Mum's eyes were red from crying. It was hard to make Mum cry, so the news that's going to bought must be bad.

Dad stood up and walked over to Stephanie, hugging her tightly. Even he was crying! What's going on?

Dad walked away and let me pass through over to Stephanie. She was extremely pale, nothing about her face was colored, which I didn't understand. Her cheeks were always rosy in a beautiful pink.

Stephanie leapt at me with a hug, I heard her sobbing in my ear.
"What's wrong?" I asked, confused.

She stepped back, her face now swollen from crying.
"Melanie," She sobbed a little more, "I'm dying"

"I don't understand" I said. I was still confused.
"I have lung cancer" She said. She leapt at me with a hug again.

Darkness came over me, nothing could lighten me up. I was dead, not literally, but dead. I never felt so empty in my life.
"It's OK" Stephanie mumbled over my growing sob's "I still have a year"

My sister is dying. Even a year wasn't long enough to say goodbye.

One Year.

My sister, Stephanie Vernice Peterson, is dying.


This story is dedicated to my Grandfather, Edward, who died on the 08/08/2008 from Lung Cancer. I love you Grandpa

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