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By Tayla McLeod

My cat smokey is a stray i mean used to be a stray my Dad found her under a carravan near the bush. Smokey was a grey cat just like a storm cloud. So we took her home and fed her, bathed her, cared for her and loved her so much. I care for smokey very much and so does my family.

One day my little brother Harvey was so hypo got Smokey and kicked her liked a football and Smokey, broke her leg.
Thanks to Harvey Smokey was is pain we quickley took her to the vet and they said '' Oh shes fine but a bit of more caring will do her good'' said Dr. Tanky. We went home and put her to bed. Every one sound asleep except for me I'm sitting on my bed writing stories and the next day tired as but me Tayla is bold and bright and i cant sleep at night! Suddenly me and my family are eating breakfast and a big black and white cat comes and attacks Smokey ''Mum, Dad I'll go get the shot gun!''I said. "OK"
said mum and dad. I had the big shot gun in my hand ready to shoot the cat!I let go and BOOM!! I shot the black and white cat. I grabbed Smokey and kissed her really sloppy wet stuff on her fur. "I love you smokey" I said and she meowwed it was like she said it back to me too.

Written By Tayla Mcleod :)

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