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Life of Brian

By ashton riddle-johnston

THE TEACHERS AN ALIEN “Brian! You know not to run on cement!” Brian skidded along the cement as he came to Holt. ”detention”. Brian rolled his eyes, he waited tell MR.O’Brian was out of site and then sprinted off down the pathway.
Brian was going to be late. He raced up the stairs, sprinted though the door and sat at his seat. “ pssss, I heard MR.lukes broke his leg and well be away for the rest of the term” whispered one off his neighbours. Brian thought to himself, this was going to be the best 4 weeks of his life, when ever MR.lukes was away he’d get some of the most vulnerable teachers you can come by. Suddenly a voice boomed through the room. “ ok class, take out your English books”.a man between his 20's and 30's with short black hair and a killer smile walked through the door's of the class room."my name is MR.monterg and I,ll be your new teacher for the next 4weeks.

brian giggled to himself as he pulled out a straw and a piece of paper from his desk. spit. a thick glob of wet paper flew through the air like a cannon ball. the ugly glob of wet paper landed on the teachers watch. suddenly MR.monterg 's emage started to flicker. " you human fool!,you have recked my image transmeter!". than Brian realised what was going on, MR.Monterg wasn't human, he was an alien. then the alien pulled out a wird looking water pistle. zap!. a red lazer came derictly at brian.

brian jumped out of the way. the other class member's ducked onder there desks. how was brian sposed to get out of this one. then he had an idea. mabye if brian made a spit ball and used it to hit the target on the head of the alien it might make it disapper. he decided to try it out. brian pulled out a straw, reloaded his spit ball and blew.spit!. it flew through the air like a dart. splat!. "oh no,you human fools,nooo!".the alien pulled out his gun and aimed at brian. Zap!. Brian leaped out of the way. the alien collapsed suddenly turned to dust.the end.

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