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"Ahh,"screamed Lulu. "Is something the matter?" asked Mr Mistachio. Lulu's eyes hung on the revulting blue slime slowly dripping from the relief teacher's bushy moustache. It was weird enough that Mr Falkner was absent but having a relief teacher with red pupils was just too creepy. "N-n-no," Stuttered Lulu although she was trembling in fear. Dave, her identical twin brother, could communicate with her through his brain so feeling the utter panic from his beloved sister, he calmly walked over to her aid. "Uh excuse us mr Mistachio but we were asked to help with the organisation of the annual school water pistol fight." Mr Mistachio smiled a frightening smile, "Of course, you guys just keep doing what you're doing. You can play in the playground for the first 3 periods if you want to, now run along and be good kids for me" he said in his robotic, comical toned voice.

John,Lulu and Jess were sitting together at their desks when they noticed a small blue spider sitting on Daves desk and slowly crawling up Dave's arm."Dave, watch out, there's a spider crawling up your arm" They warned. "Not funny guys, I'm trying to concentrate on my work." Dave replied trying to ignore them. The small creature then crawled up his neck, onto his lip and went straight up his nose! Dave shot bolt upright and said in a mechanical kind of voice, "what are you guys looking at?" Lulu screamed and started to shake. It was like the telepathic communication between her brother and herself had just been cut off. The screaming stopped and Lulu grew pale as a dark shadow overcast her and she looked up at the plump figure of Mr Mistachio leaning over her. "Another problem Miss Kendo?" He spat. But his attention was soon attracted by Daves anusual behavior. "Mr Mistachio do you want me to take these earthlings to the clock-tower?" The other kids cracked up laughing but Dave remained as serious as orange. Mr Mistachio looked at him with a stare of delight. "Uh Dave, detention, meet me in my office," Dave rose and began to amble across to the building attatched to the classroom which had Mr Mistachios office in it. When Dave got to Mr Mistachios office he was already there. Mr Mistachios orders were clear, today he would let loose all the spiders and take over the minds of all the kids in his class.

The kids were playing a childish game of hide and seek when a tingling sense on her foot told her that they had unwelcome company.

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