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the worst day of my life

By Ciara Rayne

Beep, beep, beep, buzzed my alarm-clock and to my not surprise staring down at me were two sets of eyes and two mouths jibber-jabbering on and on and on. This is a daily routine that I very much despise. Thankfully though today it wasn't annual trampoline day (thats when I get the luxury treatmeant of being jumped on). Still I pushed them off angrily, threw them out and slammed the door on their puppy-dog faces. Having six year old twin brothers isn't easy but on with the day!

After a loud, and I mean very loud, breakfast, I decided that it was time for some fresh air. So I trotted down to the sandy beach, grabbed the munted Kayak and pushed off into the murky waters of Lake Huahua. At first it seemed quite calm and quiet but then the wind picked up with lightening speed, the sky started to flash brilliant lights and the shimmering water started to churn and suck but the Voyager my small but incredibly strong Kayak began to rock and sway. So I panicked. Not the smartest thing ever but it was natural. The current began to pick up the pace but in my streak of panick I wasted my strength trying to battle the raging ocean and lay down in sleep.

Next I knew, the tired waves were lapping againt my shriveled sides I tried to raise my head but gasped in pain with the weak effort. "Eddie, Fred?" I managed to say in a choked whisper. But I knew it was hopeless, I was stranded in the middle of a desperate ocean.

That night I dreamed a wonderful dream. There standing in front of me was a lady in a silver nightdress with golden hair that flowed down her back. I reached out to touch her but as my hand neared her the vision began to fade and I attemted to scream but knowing it would only strain my voice I stopped and frowned helplessly.

The hungry cries of the seagulls haunted my ears and I adjusted my eyes to the harsh rays of the sun. I sighed and lifted my arms although they were burning in pain. All I saw was a bloody mess of shredded skin and red. I knew I would soon die without food, I scanned the emty sea for food. But all I saw was a forever lasting pool of water and several grey fins circling the Voyager. My hopes faded. I paused and sucked in deep breaths of air hoping they would not be my last. Silent tears streamed down my frozen face and I murmered a quiet prayer to my worried family, "May God be with you", and I smiled sadly as my eyes closed for the final time.

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