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Texico, New Mexico

By Aniqah

Once upon a time early morning light spilled over the horizon of the harbour. A flock of gulls hitched a ride on the gentle breeze and if you had been easily fooled you would have taken a good look and thought that this place was tranquil and serene. But despite the crispy blue sky and golden sands, all hell was about to break loose.

In a cemetry where all dead was buried.Came one day a hand was sticking and digging it's way out.Anyway in a place called 'Ruthhouse' there lived Old Master Willams.Who lay on a couch drinking pepsi.He was always lazy to get up,while his mother got fustrated she said "OF THE COUCH YOU LAZY".So he went to his room and went to this door his mother never knew about it.In a dark dungeon he came walking straight to the light of the end.Where he slid off this bumpy hill.


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