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Charlotte sighed as she sat down at the next maths class. "Oh I do hate maths class" complained Charlotte, Lotte for short. " Same here, if only something good and excited would happen" sighed Becca. Mr Mart suddenly walked into the class, he was a tall, skiny person who always wore a frown he was one of the teachers to avoid. Becca pulled out her ipod, she had long brown hair, big hazel eyes, she was very loud and always got in trouble. Lotte on the other hand had short black hair, brown eyes and was quite quiet. No one saw Becca's brother Matt staring down from the little gap in the roof. Lotte caught his eye and smiled that cheeky smile she had. Matt was just like his sister and always got in trouble. He had the best tricks and knew what every teacher hated. Mr Mart hated spiders. The bell finally rang, the lesson felt like it was years long. Becca told Lotte she had to go becuase she had to go and meet her boyfriend. All of a sudden Lotte got a genius idea she ran into the forest at the end of the school. Becca looked all over for Lotte but couldn't find her at all. She trudged into Maths class hoping to see her friend sat there at her seat. To Becca's amazement Lotte was sat there as same as usual. "Where were you?" asked Becca, "I was so worried".
"I was in the forest at the end of the school field" replied Lotte.
"Why?", questioned Becca suddenly feeling excited. Becca kept taking a quick glance at Lotte all through the lesson.
"AARRRRGGGGHHHH" screamed Mr Mart. The whole class looked up to see Mr mart screaming and running around like crazy. The whole class laughed and laughed until they couldn't breathe." Stop laughing all of you

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