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fire in her eyes (chapter one)

By Aika Tully

As twelve year old Caitlin walked to the school office her insides felt like they were being ripped apart. She didn’t even know why she was going there, only that the deputy principle was desperate to see her. The school office ladies led her to a corridor of doors and then walked off
After she knocked several times on the door that said in big bold letters: RENEE PENNARSTON, a female voice from inside called “come in, but take your shoes off at the mat please.” Caitlin nervously opened the door and was surprised to see that there was a tiny mat about the size of a car wheel was laid out neatly in the middle of a corridor that lead to a small brown door.
She was about to walk in when a male voice stopped her in her tracks. She listened carefully “but Renee” the voice said “you have buy this, it is the most rarest and cheapest in the land!” Caitlin waited for some more clues. Finally after some murmuring she couldn’t understand there was an awkward silence she decided to check in side but then she heard the man scream, “that’s it!” an unusual sound came after that. It sounded like a scratchy rustling sounds and a bit of whining. First Caitlin thought that it was some kind of injection but she also thought why a person would put an injection into a deputy principle. So she quickly half threw her shoes at the car wheel sized mat and walked in.
Suddenly a shot of fright rushed up her spine. The deputy principle was lying on the floor eye wide open. Then Caitlin noticed three things firstly the deputy principles eyes were bright blood like RED and secondly there was a small bite mark with blood drooling down in her neck and the last thing was that the window was wide open. Could the man that was in side a few seconds ago jumped out the window? And did he bite the deputy principle? But as Caitlin examined the bite mark a bite carefully she noticed that he couldn’t of, the bite mark was much too small and narrow for a humans jaw. Caitlin thought for a little while and then decided to tell someone she could trust maybe the principle, but he never listened to children unless they had something he called an appointment because he would be too busy. But actually he was always drinking coffee watching his favourite program on a tabby old television called red bulldog murder, which was about a bulldog that got murdered, and the police never can figure out how it got murdered. Caitlin knew all this because she got suspicious and went to see if he really was busy. Anyway a principle couldn’t always be busy, or could he?
So Caitlin thought of any other adults that she could trust. Then it came to her mind the only adult she could trust in the school were the deputy principle and her very own teacher. She rushed to her class room luckily everyone was out at break so she forced the door open in acting a bit more frantic than she really was and only managed to puff out a few word for she had run for so long. “Mrs. Pennarston... Faint… Bite…Window…Open”
Mr. Tranter lifted his head from his work “pardon?” he asked. By now Caitlin had caught her breath “I said Mrs. pennarston was bitten by some creature and is well, I don’t know if she’s dead or fainted but she is in a real critical condition and I found that a window was open and she’s bleeding and…” that moment Mr. Tranter stood up and started to walk to the door “now tell me were she was and we’ll find out what to do.” As they rushed to the office were Mrs. Pannerston lay Caitlin felt six hundred and forty pairs of small suspicious eyes staring at her for children were not allowed up the stairs at break. Then Mr. Tranter screamed, Mrs. Pennarston’s eyes were now closed and the window was closed. Some one had come in, but not only that but there was a shadow of a werewolf on the window. Caitlin who was not normally terrified but was at that moment she tried to take a step it vanished. Caitlin rushed towards the window and looked outside but no luck, it was gone.
At home Caitlin wrote in her glow-in-the-dark notebook about all the suspicious thing she had seen today and at the top she wrote in big bold letters “THE CASE OF THE BITTEN TEACHER.” At tea her dad asked her if she had done anything interesting at school but Caitlin decided to keep the case a secret, instead she told her parents some facts about the topic at school: Egyptian mummies and pyramids she told them that the first mummy was found in 1745 and that mummies are reaped in linen. They seemed really interested and when they finished there tea Caitlin’s older brother Tim asked if she could type that up because he was doing a project on mummies as well and he was too lazy to do it.

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