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Life of Brian

By Ryan leader

once upon a time there were two kids ryan and his freind idreis they are diffrent ages ryan is 10 and idreis is 9 very surprizeingly the next morning it was idreis'birthday he was turning 10 then when idreis was watching breakfest that same morning he saw that there was a secret murder no knew who it was. idreis then rung up ryan to tell him aboat the murder hello says ryan on the other end of the phone idreis says ryan to have you heard aboat the secret murder yes i have says ryan lets go find the murder says idreis what says ryan we have school to day remember not if we are sick idreis rings up the school and like his mum and says hi this is idreis'mum idreis is sick so he will not be able to come to school today thanks bye beep then just as idreis is aboat to put the phone down bang!!he gets killed by the the murder no!!!!!!!!!!!!yells ryan and quickly gets on his bike and runs away the murder takes off his mask and says scaredy cat then puts his mask back on and chases after ryan. to be continued... chapter2 the invaleing. the murder finds a car left in the car park he gets in it and drives off. ryan on the other hand was hideing in the corner then he sees the murder come and runs to the nearest telephone booth and starts to dial the number 111 the murder then finds ryan and speeds in to the telephone booth ryan drops the phone and dives out the way then the tele phone booths electrical systems go hay wire and explodes with a sudden flash of sparks ryan was hideing behind a wall at the time the electrical spark carred on down the wall untill it reached ryan ughhhhhhhhhh said ryan faling down with a bang then idreis woke up he wasn't dead just unconcis he kept hobbleing down the street untill he saw the murder dead in the car nearby ripped the murders mask of it was his teacher mr ataya he then started to look for ryan he looked every where he could think of but he was no where to be seen...

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