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Life of Brian

By Courtney Johnston

Everyone has stories to tell, whether their about happy little elves or cuddly bunnies. My story is a lot different. My story is only a dream, but felt too real.
"And now for our outstanding news" The TV reporter announced. I couldn't be bothered listening to him - I hate him. I switched off the TV and stroked Chloe. Her dark grey fur was as soft as silk. "Dinner time Chloe." Chloe let out her happy bark and dashed towards her food bowl. I poured her biscuits into her bowl and called my mum. The dinner was burning so I turned it off. "Mum!" I yelled. I went outside to where I last saw her, hanging up the washing. But she wasn't there. The laundry basket was still half full of just washed laundry. I heard unfamiliar voices in the driveway. I glanced down the driveway to see a black van parked there. We didn't know anybody who owned a black van - or any van for that matter. Nobody was there so I went back inside to look out the window. "Why, hello..." Said a frightining voice from behind me. I turned around to face a scar faced, sick looking man. He looked in about his late 30's and had short black hair and blackish brown eyes. His head had a deep scar just above his left eye. I let out a scream of terror. He clasped his cold filthy hands over my mouth and pressed his lips against my ear. "Shhh... Ya wanna go on a date? Hehe." He turned to face his partner, a young looking guy who didn't look like a criminal. His wavy blonde hair seemed to bob up and down as he laughed. I ripped the mans hand off of my mouth and darted towards my room and slammed the door behind me, crying. I was so scared. Questions ran through my mind. "Who were these guys, what did they want?" One of the guys started bashing against my door. I screamed again and looked for somewhere to hide. My window was open. Without a thought I leaped out of it and started up the driveway. The van was blocking my way. The drivers door opened and out came the blonde haired guy. I turned to run but I was stopped by the scary scar faced guy. "Marry me!" He said in a serious, frightining voice. "NO!" I yelled. I saw Chloe and called her to come as I pulled myself out of his arms and ran for the back door. I was just about there when "scar face" grabbed Chloe and put his knife to her neck. I yelled at him to stop. "STOP... Alright, i'll marry you! - If you leave Chloe and my family alone!" He dropped Chloe and she ran behind me. Scared. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the van. He shoved a cheap white dress at me and ordered me to put it on.
We got married behind my garage - so nobody could see. his partner read out the marriage words and said "I now announce you husband and wife." Scar face came to kiss me but I moved my lips away. We weren't really married - Blondie wasn't really a Celebrant. No papers to sign. I was a little happier about it, knowing we weren't actually married. But I was still frightened about what he would do to me. Scar face gave me a drink. It looked like caramel flavoured milk. I put it in my mouth. Scar face laughed along with blondie. They both walked towards the van. I saw a bottle of poison in the window of the van so I believed that they had poisoned it. When they weren't looking I spat it out and pretended to fall to the ground dead. When the van engine turned on I jumped up and ran to the door. They saw me and jumped out after me. I had locked the doors and windows so they couldn't come in. "Get the pick!" Shouted Scar face in a really angry voice. I grabbed the phone out of the living room and came back to keep an eye on them. They were gone! And the back door was open! A terrified look came to my face. I dropped the phone and stood frozen with fear. Returning to earth I picked up the phone and ran out the front door not looking back to see if I was being followed. I arrived at my neighbours house and knocked on the door. She opened it and let me in. We locked the doors and windows and I called the police. I couldn't talk properly because I was shaking with fear. "It's alright miss!" Said the police officer trying to calm me down. I heard the back door break open and saw scar face stare at me angrily. I screamed.
Everything turned to a blur. I opened my eyes. I was in my room, it was all a dream. But the fear of it becoming real still strikes fear into my mind. But will I ever finish the dream, or will it finish in real life. What if, its a warning...

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