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By Troy Cui

I was at school when the teacher said 'stop day
dreaming and listen Brandon!' then i woke up instintly and thought about how angry she was at me and yes our teacher has anger management issuse.After class me and my friend mike walked home together and talked about our teacher Mrs Flindo and that she should go to a anger management class when we reached my home mike stayed and played with me and late last night some people came in with a sword and a knife so we decided to hide and when they walked past us the did a knife fight with each other. We thought that was kind of weird but then they killed my cat and dog then they went away and when we were walking outside we saw my parents lying on the ground with a hole lot of blood on them. I started to cry and the tears went all over my parents body and mike said that i can live with him and so i did but every now and again i check my parents grave and share lots of tears but one day something horrible happened...

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