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Ruby's Pendant

By Amanda

It seemed as though Mr.Rowling never had a moment's peace when Ruby was gone. Strange things used to happen in his creepy old mansion. Mr. Rowling was a rich man. But now he had retired and was lonely. His only friend was Ruby his granddaughter. Other people regarded Mr. Rowling as crazy and insane because of what he told people about the strange things that used to happen to him when Ruby was gone.

Shadows used to leap at him from the walls, there would be moving lumps under the carpet, the faces of portraits would move scaring poor Mr.Rowling out of his wits.

Mr.Rowling hated it when ruby went away, she would wave at him when she went home after the weekends. Then she would skip down the path with that little ruby pendant swaying from side to side. That's when all the strange things used to happen.

One Sunday morning Mr.Rowling was helping Ruby pack her things. Mr.Rowling tried to look happy but inside he knew what scary things would happen when Ruby was gone.

Ruby skipped of down the garden path. After she had gone Mr.Rowling stood in his hallway not knowing what to do. The phone started to ring and Mr. Rowling answered it. "Hello?" asked Mr. Rowling.
"Grandpa it's me" said Ruby.
"What's wrong Ruby?" asked Mr. Rowling because there was some fear in her voice.
"My parents are missing, " said Ruby in a frightened tone " can I come live with you?" Mr. Rowling thought for a minute. If Ruby were here for a long time it would mean no freaky things happening! "OK Ruby said Mr. Rowling. Mr. Rowling waited at the gate for Ruby.

When he saw Ruby there was a change. Her face was sad, she wasn't skipping and she wasn't as cheerful.

"Come in Ruby" said Mr. Rowling.
"Thanks Grandpa" said Ruby quietly. Mr. Rowling helped Ruby put her stuff in her room. As Mr.Rowling was putting some of Ruby's clothes in the wardrobe he saw a hole in the wardrobe shaped just like Ruby's pendant.

When Ruby went to sleep that night Mr. Rowling placed a necklace that looked just like the real one on the bedside table. Then Mr. Rowling put the real pendant in the hole.

There was a strong gust of wind in the room, then a horrible screeching sound then complete and utter silence.

1 year later...

Ruby had lived with Mr. Rowling for 1 year. One Sunday there was a phone call to tell Ruby that the police had found her parents. Ruby packed up her things, kissed Mr. Rowling on the cheek and skipped down the path.

Mr. Rowling didn't have to be scared though. The ruby pendant had sorted everything out. Or had it?...

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