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Lost In a Family War (Introduction)

By Brie-anna Keatley

The sun glistened in through the damp window shining onto the beautiful diamond necklace that lay on the desk.The weak sunlight eventually reached a wooden four-poster bed in the far most corner.The sleeper blinked their tired eyes and sat up sleepily staring at the cot that sat in the corner on the left.
The sleeper was Anastacia the richest maiden in the town of Wickershire.It was very rare in the town for the sun to shine this brightly so late in the winter there for Anastacia cherished the moment by wearing a light slinky blue dress with a slit one quarter of the way up. Anastacia unfurled her hair coilers and her white-blond hair tumbled out and hung down spiraling next to her elbows.Carefully tip-toeing over to the wooden cradle in the corner,Anastacia looked at her sleeping princess.Only a couple of weeks before Anastacia had mysteriously birthed a child she had not known about.
Her princess's small opaque eyes opened slowly and then quickly she grinned at the face staring down at her "Oh come here my little angel,"Anastacia cooed while lifting up her small,frail body.She had decided to call her Venus after the Greek god of love and beauty.She slowly lifted up her daughters face and kissed her soft,velvety forehead just then her middle child (Rose) ran in "Mother! breakfast is nigh!"she said politely curtsying "Tell Mary I shall be down in 1 minute"Anastacia said with that Rose turned on her heel and ran down the hallway to the kitchen "Come Ve let mother get you some food,".
Carrying Venus close to her chest Anastacia made her way down the stairs to the banquet hall her great grandfather had built in the English war for refugees.Green and Blue tapestries hung along the wall like giant butterflies.The sun shone through the giant window but just feebly as the giant,blue velvet curtains were opened only an inch.Anastacia strode over to curtains and wrenched them apart as the light flooded into the dark room she shielded her eyes like someone had tried to blind her with a light bulb.

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