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Life of Brian

By lily MacDonald

I walked inside.A normal day at school but who was I to blame? I sighed misrably, and looked around to find my best friend Emilia beside me. "Why are you blubbing?', she chuckled."Life couldn't be any worse", I remarked.
The cool breese tricked through the blinds of the window to where I sat.The bell finally rang, but only to start my teacher Miss Clark off to her usual morning welcome.Suddenly to break the silence there was a knock at the door. Everyone peered, expecting the normal morning messanger, but we were wrong.

The door slowley creaked open to a shy looking girl. She had nutty coloured hair,with a body that was extreemily skinney and weak looking.Who was this? I don't think I had seen her before.In her hand she stacked a pile of about three books. She looked at my class astonished, florishing her face with a red highlight. Miss clark gave her a warm smile, peered at me and said "Anna I would like you to show laura around today and make her welcome."she said then gave me a cold stare. Who was she to make me take this weird girl around with me? yeah right I was really going to do this, I sniggered uncontrollibly." That enough already Anna" Miss Clark paused"You better make a good job of this.
Next thing I knew it she lead Laura to the spare table behind me.
I looked at her and knew she was different.....

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