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Poo on the road

By Nathan

"Oh my god, whats that smell?" cried a girl in a high pitched girly-wirly voice. There was a smell in the room but no one screamed out like Jane. Everyone looked behind my seat, oh it's embarrassing, there's a poo behind my seat. It smelled real bad and it had green stuff and it looked all mushy. There were lumps oh it's too horrible to describe. This has happened tons of times this is the 9th time. Mr.Croak grabbed a tissue and walked to the poo. He tried to pick it up but it was stuck to the carpet. He eyed me suspiciously and touched and felt the poo. "Is this...." he never got time to finish the sentence and ran out the door. "Thats a hard poo Nathan!" called Jake and everyone laughed. My face felt hot when he said that, I think im blushing. The day went by quick because of laughter, each teacher touched it with bare hands and always ran out going "It's real ahhhhhh!" One time the person next to me laughed so hard he fell on top of another poo. When it was lunch I got called up to the office. The mean lady who gave you notes and messages told me to sit in the principals office. Note: the pal in principal is fake because he is not your pal.) When the principal came, Mr.Graink asked, "Why are you pooing on the floor?" I was going to crack up but i didnt. I replied "You think I poo on the floor?"" Dont answer a question with a question!" he said. Then it went on and on until I said, "I only pooed on the floor when we were in Tunisia dance club where people slipped,slid and fell on my poo. I was 2 then." The principal fell off his seat and started laughing very loud. I dismissed myself and went out to play.

When I was walking home I heard a noise that came from a dog. There was a bone, one the bone there was a note it said"Throw the bone at someone so the dog doesnt poo behind you." I smiled, I threw it at Jake and the next day I said "That is one poo Jake!" Jake spun around and screamed in a girly-wirly voice.

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