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By Katie

Ben Banderes was a 12 year old boy, with black curly hair and dark brown eyes. He lived in the middle of woodhill forest, in a big two story house. He lived with his Mum, granny and little sister Libby. Ben awoke one day to,
"WAKEY WAKEY SLEEPY HEAD!"Ben reluctanly rolled over and opened his eyes to see Libby his 6 year old sister. "Your porridge is ready Ben!" He heard his mum yell from downstairs. Quickly shooing Libby out of his room he got dressed and jumped down the stairs. He ate his breakfast and ran back upstairs to brush his teeth. He had just finished when Libby burst into the room, demanding that he play Hide 'n' seek. Still astounded by her entrance Ben agreed but only if libby was in. She agreed and started counting. Ben sprinted too the wine celler/laundry and nimbly squeezed into a straw basket, putting the round lid on after him. In the distance he heard "Ready or not here I come!!" Ben waited, minutes passed then hours soon Ben was fast asleep. It wasn't long however befor eben was woken up by Libbys high-pitched voice,"Found you Ben!" But the big, hairy hand that pulled the lid off, definitly wasn't Libby's.


Hope you enjoyed!!!

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