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shark attack

By Keanen

Warning shark attack

A blistering hot evening, dusk is falling quickly. There are hundreds of people having a dynamite time in the water. Then all of a sudden the sun block nosed life guard shouts out in his microphone “sharks in the water get out I repeat sharks in the water get out”. (1 week later) a nine year old Californian girl was playing on her boogie board then a 16’ft great white shark made it’s first kill on his new territory. No one was sure how she died most people thought she drowned. There were 5 more deaths on that very beach the same week local police set cameras up. A few days later they found out that the kills where made by a great white shark. Then the same day cops band the beach and went to hunt the monstrous sized shark in a time period of two weeks no one could hunt the white shark down…..

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