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the witch

By caleb simpson

no one knows here name, thats what haunts me, she must have a name, everyone has a name, but not this woman, not that anyone knows of. I've never clearly seen her face, but people say that just one look will send you of screaming down the road until you've heard the news she's dead.
apparently she is a witch, well, at least thats what people say, from time to time, i've actually considered this opininion, i look into her cracked windows of her un stabble house, and i can not see her clearly, but I know she's there, because why would there be green smoke filling the house litting up the neighbour hood, but tonight was different, i thought i might use my special binoculars, to get a closer look, i regretted it. in front of her, was a black, stained cauldron, with oozing green smoke oozing from the sides off the hole. her face was practically warts, i got a glimpse at her hair, a black nerds nest, with sharp pointy twigs, it never has been washed, thats revolting, thats when my heart stopped, her vial eyes immediatly connected with mine, i stopped breathing, she wasnt moving she was just staring with her cold dark eyes into mine, i tried to scream but i couldn't, i tried to run but my feet were glued to the ground, litterally. i couldnt move my feet, what was going on? i looked back into my binoculars to see that she was gone, where was she , what happened to my feet, all these questions rushing throught my head, thats when i heard the spine tingling cackle from behind me, i turned around like lightining hopping it was my Mum, but it wasnt, it was, her. her messy hair dirty,her evil eyes locked with mine, she was in my room, i knew this was the end as she pointed her long croaked finger towoard me. "no one must know my secret, lights out, heee hee haa heee haa!"

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