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The Babysitter's Guide

By Tyler Atkinson

Hi. I'm Ricky Chein.
My friends call me Lucky Rick, because I have a special talent.
If you see my Mom or Dad, you can't tell them, but, I have the power to become invisible, and do things that no other normal 12 year old could ever do.
But the reason I'm telling you this is because one day, I had to look after these kids from across the street.
Their names were Jonah and Spock. Stupid names, eh?
And my job was to look after them every night, and for only a lousy five bucks.
So, this one night, when they were acting like total terrors. Throwing tantrums, and food, too!
So I decide to do something I've never done before. Use my powers on them.
I gather them round on the sofa and I tell them a story about this babysitter who died, and how he comes back and haunts any little kids that are naughty.
Jonah and Spock take this story as a bunch of baloney, and continue being stupid and naughty.
So finally, I decide to do it.
The key to activating my power is clapping four times. So I do that. And suddenly, I'm invisible to the naked eye.
Great, eh?
So I go into the living room, and progress to the kitchen, where they are breaking everything they can put there hands on, and suddenly, I holler like hell.
They stop and look. But they see nothing so they continue.
Finally, I say, "stop! I am the ghost of Harvard Knight, the babysitter who died and wreaks revenge upon those who are naughty!"
Those kids drop everything, and scream.
I cover my ears. They rush into my bed and hide under the covers. I walk, still invisible, to my bedroom, and prepare for the second act.

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