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The Curse

By Kaelen

The wind whipped the trees around the house and thunder
shook the house. Layla knew it was going to be a rough night
outside again tonight. She could hear her little sister
Blair crying her eyes out in her room with her Mums soft
voice trying to comfort her. "Stop crying Blair, its alr-"
but before she could finish there was a flash of light and
big booms from thunder and Blair was screaming all over
again. "It's alright Blair" Layla heard her Mums soft voice
again. The weather had been the exact same every night since Dad had left. When Laylas Mum and Dad had made their vows, they were sworn to keep them or a bad curse would come on Mums side of the family. And the curse seemed to have become true. "I want Daddy!" Blair screamed at Mum. "Daddy's on a business trip sweetie, I'm not sure when he'll be back yet" Mum replied. Layla and Mum knew very well that wasnt where he was. He was probably in a warm house with wonderful weather with his new girlfriend. The lady he'd chosen over Mum. Blair would never find out if Layla and her Mum had their way, but she was going to find out one day and be furious that nobody ever told her back then when she was 6.

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