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Wrestling with a monster!!!!

By Maree Campbell

"You Idiot!!!"
I screamed at my brother as he launched toward me full fisted with a scrunched up face that just about screamed I'm going to kill you.

It was day 1 of the royal rumble at the Parksons family home. My sister leaned toward me ready to attack at the second I flinched. I felt full of confidence and knew I had it all over her. She wouldn't come near nailing me or should I injuring me to be more Politically correct. See my family and I had something about this world everyone was to uptight all you would here on the street is "oh thats okay darling I'm sure you're sister will be fine" or "don't call me mummy call me by my first name". Where we came from everyone was polite but you wouldn't dear call your parents by their first or Bite oh I mean hurt your sister of course unless it was a wrestling match.

You see today was an exception it was the day to declare who in the parksons family was the best vampire!!!!!!. Yes thats right we are vampires get over it. I beat my sister easily I only left a few bruises nothing to worry about we heal fast. Next it was me against mum I hate hurting mum but I had to. She shouted something at me I laughed I had this in the bag. I peeked over to see how my brother was doing knowing he was my main competition he was sweating but so was I we were both as tired as the other. Bam! Mum was out see you later!. No need to worry about dad he didn't fight hard he was a peacemaker as he called it!. Ha! yeah but when its us against another vampire coven hes all go.Easy he was out in two minutes.

My challenge arived I sweated with nervousness. He growled I hissed. Bang! mum called go! I threw one punch he repeated my action with as much effort as I had. We ran round in a blur it was hard to decipher what my brother was to do next. But I still had an idea even though he was stronger then I was I was the master manipulator. We fought for another three minutes until it happened I screamed with joy I had knocked my brother unconscious with one big blow to the head it sounded like thunder when he hit the ground. He would come around I knew he would. But at the end of the day I was the strongest vampire in theworld well not really in the Parksons family the strongest vampire family in the world!

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