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By niki

There was a little boy named jack and he was very good at tricking people. Everyone called him the trick ticker. He had no friends because everyone thought that he was tricking them about their friendship so everyday he would sit alone at lunch and eat alone but he doesn't know that his life is about to change forever.

It was the first day of school everyone had just come back from holiday, "maybe everyone will forget that i lie and will be friends with me" Said jack to tom. Tom was a sock puppet ever since he had gone to this school he had had this sock puppet so that he wouldn't feel lonely. Everyone teased him about it so that they could make him feel sad, he did.

The next day a new kid came to school. The new kid was name josh. Everyone pointed and laughed at josh, Joshes cheeks went red and his smile went to a frown. Josh sat down on the desk in front of a kid named Lila. " hey that's my seat punk" Said the big bully named tane.

Josh moved immediately and sat in front of jack. "hi" said jack. Josh turned around and said " why are they being so mean to me but not anyone else?" " They be mean to me as well," said jack.

They both smiled they both new there was a friendship coming around the corner. Jack said that they teased him as well and that they called him the trick ticker. " why do they call you that?' said josh as jacks smile turned to a frown. Jack was silent for a moment sweat dripping down his face, " are you alright " said josh looking very concerned. Jack was silent again.

Then jack took a deep breath but as he did, he thought should i tell him should i admit that i am a lyre? Jack thought and thought and then an idea came into his mind he could just trick him. But what he didn't know that is that josh can see a trick from everywhere, and when he knows someones tricking him he can do bad things. Jack blurted out a small lie but didn't know it would mean a huge repayment from his dirty deed.

" they call me that because they think i can make up very good lies so that people don't have to do their homework" Said jack. Josh said in a very suspicious way " Your lying and you are going to pay" " im not lying im not lying" He shouted but knew that josh had caught him.

" But josh what are you going to do with me?" said jack in the most curious voice ever. I am going to break our friendship, Throw you out the window and oh the things i could do to you. Jack wanted to run away and hide but just then the bell rung. This will have to wait till after school jack and if you try and run away i will track you down.

After school jacks mom came to pick jack but jack wasn't there. She looked everywhere and couldn't find him. She called the principle who called the police who called the hospital in case of any accidents or if he had broke a lg or fainted. But then they found him he was lying down with a bleeding nose and josh was punching him very hard. It looked like jack was dead but he was unconscious. Josh was punished by getting suspended for more than 4 months.

After that coincidence jack decided not to lie again but he was lucky he made that decision because after that coincidence he was moved to another school. He finally got his new start he has been wishing on for ages.

So that was the story of jack and how his life had changed for ever but what about josh has he.

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