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Mobly Fat -Face

By Harrison

On a day like today, the sun as bright as your average light bulb, sat Mobly Fat-Face. a clump of a boy he was and I just happened to be his teacher! Oh well! He was a rather large student; his stomach was a massive 213 inches and his belly button was hidden by many flabs of disgusting fat! In sport he used to puff over 13 steps!(His personal best...) He was best at the moon-hopper relay, of course, he was the moon-hopper. People used to ride him till all his biscuits in his pockets broke. Then he called for a time out.

But the one thing i noticed about him was that he was always happy;(especially with the pie stash in his desk) and never the most popular. But still he was nice to everyone. They would mock him till he couldn't take it. He would bounce over to me! i almost toppled over and wrewened my perfect new shoes.

"Mr Dunwell" he would bellow in tears, "They aren't being nice to me!" then tears would come pouring out of the eyelids of the unhealthy flab.

"Ohhh! OI!" i would shout heroicly "Leave Mobly alone!"

"Yes Mr Dunwell..." a miserable chorus would be herd after that.

Ha! Ha! Since than I have had controll over those mongrells! I have been the most avoided teacher in the world! Ha! Ha!

Still to this day I teach Mobly Fat-Face. I have regreted sticking up to him. Some children think i will marry him, but no! I stand up for Mobly Fat-Face!

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