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the awakening

By Kulsum Siddiqi

"wake up laurie, your getting late for school" mom called. Mom told me this everyday and everyday i never woke up. after mom left to work, i would sick call school, and then finally just cover my self with the blanket hoping to die. i was never so dark, never so depressed in my life. i wish i could blame this on myself, but i am not the one to blame. it all started when people made fun of me. i can still hear the words go through my head, "fat, mute, pig, hog" and many other nasty little words kids came up with.

my school IS the central capital of high school drama, all people care about whats the new hot gel, their Burberry tote "school bags", which sock is the most stylish one, and that's nothing, even under wears that are not name brand are lame. Our school should be called Hollywood Highschool of Drama, its like paparazzi all over the place. in big bold letters all over the washroom walls "Stephanie wears boxers to school" I mean like who cares what Stephanie wears, I dont even know who Stephanie is. lets just say Stephanie was pretty lucky this time cause believe me i went through something even worst.

Coming from the Chicago into a small suburb of rich Northbrook-ans i really did not know how to make friends. i think i suffered from some mute disorder, which did not let me move my mouth, or let a peep come out of it. back to me, well i am 5'6 and a heavy load. you've probably learned that i am outcast just by those two descriptions. if your thinking that then your absolutely correct. as chubby kid, i tried a lot to fit into the first few weeks of high school, and then i finally just gave up. the first day of high school started of with moussed hair, a skin tight Hollister t-shirt with skinny jeans and flats. i stepped into the regional highschool, and there did i come to know that my clothing was so 2 years ago. everyone was dressed Prada, Gucci, Burberry, victoria Secret, and other designer French clothing. i now knew that Westchester High was not no ordinary school, for no ordinary teenager.

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