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By Ashley

One day, Whiffo and Waffle were walking home from school. Whiffo is a beagle and Waffle is a strawberry colored beagle. “There is nobody to help around here,” said Waffle sadly said. The best friends had a helping club where they help animals in Anitown. A few days later, they found a mouse on the street. “Hello,” said Whiffo. “Howdy,” said the mouse, “I am a hobo called Squeak.” The two friends wanted to help, but the problem was that how they could sneak supplies from their house without anyone knowing. They decided to take the risk. That morning, Whiffo brought canned corn soup and Waffle brought hot chocolate because it was a cold day. They didn’t know that Spy Kitty was watching every move they made. When they came home, they thought they were in trouble, but their owner said to them, “I’m so proud of you!” On Saturday, they went and talked with Squeak. Squeak told many fantastic, fascinating stories. Suddenly, Whiffo came up with a great idea. She said, “I know! You can be an author!” They let Squeak stay at their house and Squeak wrote the best stories ever. At class, Whiffo and Waffle told the class all about Squeak. Squeak’s books have been bestselling and this book is one of them.

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