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The lost cellphone

By Jordan Drummond

It was a strange day when I was talking to my best friend Eliza.She was taking a long drive up to Hanmer Springs with her parents when suddenly I heard I loud beeping noise in my room.

It was a light pink cell phone which had several scratches on it.It was definitely not my phone and on the little coverscreen it said Rebok now you're probably thinking now like I was at the time Rebok is a name of a brand of clothing or shoes.

The message this rebok person sent was Hey tay I'm at the railway station in... Then it cut off. What was this person trying to tell this person Tay I thought tay could translate to maybe Taylor or Tayne or even Tania.
But I Wasn't to sure.

So now as you have guessed this is nothing about my best friend Eliza or her road trip. But actually a lost cell phone that just turned up in my room one day.

That night when I went to sleep I heard another beeping noise.I picked up this phone and saw who it was it was rebok again. Asking why I didn't answer. This time I was annoyed so I chucked the phone out the window as you would when you are absolutely annoyed like this.So the next morning I woke up and the phone was sitting on my desk this time vibrating.

This time unfortunately it was my friend Eliza texting she said these exact hurtful words "oh I hate that Georgia(Me)Sge is such a drama queen and needs to get a life.

This time I replied and replied and replied and replied and replied again until I got this message hey Tayler(as I had guessed) Hows it in Papakura in Auckland.I thought I seriously need to get to Papakura in Auckland or else this dumb phone is really going to start to bug me.

That afternoon I got on the soonest flight to auckland airport.I got there in Auckland and got a taxi to Papakura.I went to a place which told where people lived they said that Tayler lived in Montgomery Rd no.24. I ran to her house from there and knocked on the door her mother answered. I asked "Do you know where Tayler is she said "She is just through in her room".I sighed with relief and asked "May I see her".She answered "Sure but be careful"

Be careful I thought to myself strange.I went though to her room and said"Hi I have your phone".Then I noticed she was bald. She said "Oh I was looking for you".I asked "Why are you bald"She said "I have terminal Cancer a shocking disease". I pulled away in shock. She said "I wanted to give you this phone because I heard of you from Eliza".

I replied Gently "Oh really?".

"Yes" She said in a polite manner.I then had to go I said I hope you get better and may you rest in peace.From that day on I have been known to be a very quiet girl and just because of one lost cellphone I made a friend for life!>

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