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The missing best friend.

By Judy

Hi I'm Judy I'm going to tell you about my missing best friend.She called Ella ,the last word she said is "help"~. I didn't know what she was talking about.The next day I went to ask her what she was talking about. When I went to her house she wasn't there but it was all dark when I went there, so I had to creep inside carefully and you know what I saw BLOOD on her wallpaper in her room I shouted "BLOOD!" When a cop came running to me and saying "What wrong girl?" I told him about the blood and everything. He said to me "When we went inside that house there were nothing there" So I went home. "Noone trusts me" I said!! 'I know what to do so I can prove that I'm right'I thought! That night I sneaked out of the house my mum and dad was still watching T.V. I sneaked out the back door instead. I knew where Ella lived so I went there and I knew where they put there key so I got the key and went inside it was still dark but I bought a torch with me I turn the light on and walked slowly and I slowly got my mum's kitchen knife and my dad's gun, not a real gun just a gun that shoots out tiny balls from my bag. I knew I souldn't bought those thing but just in case. I went inside Ella's room and heard 'mmmmm' I went closer to that noise so scary noise like someone saying 'Don't come in here' I put my things away but not the torch but went closer and closer. Then I shouted "Ahhh" then someone grabbed me by the neck and tied me up and I saw Ella and her mum and dad tied too. I got my mum's knife and cut the rope I got out and ready to cut for Ella and her parents then out of nowhere a flying dog came out and said "I'm called freddy the dog and I'll save you." So it did Freddy battle who ever it was guy while I cut the ropes for Ella, Mrs Blue and Mr Blue(Ella's parent). When I was going to say Thanks he vanished, the cop came running in and said I was brave and I got $1000 for being brave. The next was my birthday Ella got me a dog and I asked what the name was and you know what she said it was Freddy when she left I saw Freddy winking at me could it be... that Freddy that saved Ella or NO chose it is or not?
The end

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