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My Peculiar Dream

By Aarushee Kaul

I sat at my desk and stared through the window as I day dreamed a whole new adventure…….

My dream wasn’t real it was made up for sure,
But why then, did Miss Bason fly out the door?

I sat and stared in horror and shock,
As other kids flew to join the flock!

Then me too!

We raised high above trees and lakes,
Soared over heads with startled gapes.

We flew higher and higher until all vanished,
And floated around humongous planets,

There was Venus and mars and of course Jupiter the King,
We all took turns sliding down Saturn’s rings……..

Then we saw a strange creature,
With 8 arms it had spectacular features!

All of us stayed for a bit under the waves,
Being catered to; for our imaginary craves;

By the octopus who gave us seaweed cookies and salty tea,
He then took us for a swim under the deep blue sea,

We saw, jellyfish, whales and seahorses too,
And a shark that nearly gobbled up Sue!

The dolphins did such marvellous flips,
And to top it all of we swam through a sunken pirate ship,

We said bye to the fish and bounced off the sand,
A few minutes later we fell on a leafy floor with a hard land,

Surrounded by the wild it was a sight to see,
As the mothers carried their baby monkeys,

A forest party arose; in the jungle and eased with groove,
Each different animal with each different move.

There was a eagle named muddle-up, an elephant called Gullible,
A chimpanzee named nosy and a Leopard called-deep trouble,

Then our teacher called out for us to bid good bye, and me especially for some reason, I don’t know why,

“Aarushee, Aarushee! Are you listening to me?” That’s when I worked out that what I had seen
Was from my imagination and just a splendid dream.

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