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snuggles's adventure

By Julia

what if your cat went on an adventure well thats exactly what happened to my cat snuggles i will tell you her story. Well it all began when she went down to the sugar factory. and she saw a big sugar boat she decided to go and explore. But unfortunately the boat was just taking off and she cant swim! She started meowing like mad!! but there was to much noise and nobody could hear her.

As the ship sailed off she started to get very hungry but no cat food on the ship. as you could imagine that was a big problem. she started scratching on a door and the people didn't know what it was. as they opened the door to see what it was they immediately fell in love with her. but then her tummy began to rumble. they all felt her desire and need for food and got out their fishing rods and started to fish.

as they were fishing she lay on the boat edge waiting for a fish to be reeled in and when ever one came up she would pounce on it as soon as it came to surface. she would rip it to shreds carelessly and eat it in pieces.

as more fish went into her belly she began to get thirsty. they could see that because she was starting to lick the floorboards so they got a bucket of water filled it to the brim and put it in front of her she liked away till she could lick no more.

then she began to get tired as she was full. she began to look around trying to find a good place to sleep. then she finally found the laundry she found that it was soft and comfortable so she lay down and fell into a deep sleep. while she was asleep the one who had found her spotted a collar and as you would imagine that changed every thing

when she woke up she saw that she had been returned to her home and was lying on the couch in the lounge.

We were so happy when we saw her and she was showered in cuddles. we gave her some food and thanked the man who brought her back to us.

By Julia

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