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The Green Muck and I

By Tayla

I was running away I don't know where but far far away. All because Grandma had made the green muck once again. It may not sound bad but really would you like slimy slugs creeping down your throat would you like out of date brussel sprouts I didnt think so! Anyway I have'nt told you the real story yet because this story includes the past. All started when Grandma was watching the cooking channel A famous chef called sir depount was making a soup."some salamli some dates a big bush of brocley and some sprouts then stir" he would always say. But Grandma had hearing problems she thought he said some slugs some out of date brussel sprouts Yuck. Every day Grandma would make me eat it evey day "Eat up child" she would say. so slowley I would take a small bite. But one day I go tired of lieing I marched up to Grandma and somehow some very hurtful words sipped out of my mouth "GRANDMA IM SICK OF IT IM JUST SICK OF IT!"I sreamed "what My dear"grandma answerd rather shocked "THAT AWFUL GREEN MUCK ITS HORRIBLE!"I shouted Grandma looked at me withe tears in her eyes and turned her head away sharply. That night Grandma did'nt make the green muck she made a nice fesh steak and we ate dinner in silence until Grandma started lauthing i did'nt get what was so funny but in the end it turned out that Grandma really hated the green muck and itwas never seen in the house again.

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