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a blank spot

By kate nickalls

As we sit and wait for our maths teacher to finish droaning on about. . . well you know maths and pie and numbers. Just thinking about it gives me a tickle down my spine.How could teachers give us such horror. Our lives are dull enough. Then i hear some music it gets louder and louder and louder it gets so loud it actually gets sort of creepy. By now every ones yelling and screaming and hiding under their tables. a window smashes and the room goes pitch black. then ..... then the room goes back to the same sun shiney day. The math teacher " Mr Hobbett " calls us over and calls out the roll to make sure everyone is here "Sam , Josh , Matt , Devon , Dylan " there was no response so he calls again " Dylan " yet still no response so we search the class but there was still no sight.On the white board there was a note reading "Earthlings we have taken one of your human life forms there is only one thing that you can do to get him back and that is to give us as much money as we aliens want or elese we will blow up earth thank you from the aliens. " Someone yells out " ring the police ". It didnt take long for the news to spread. Head of the news paper tv and for weeks pople will be talking about it. I just feel sorry for Dylans mum and dad your own son bee taken hostage by aliens thats just wacked up. It had been 8 hours since the accident and still no sighn of Dylan. At the end of school Sam and Matt paid a visit to Dylans house and gave some cards and baking to Dylans mum and dad. They both let in tears. A big eletrictan man came to school the next day and apoligized for the power cut on Wednsday and
that he took a little man Diltch no Dylan with me to help and he stayed over at my house last night. The teacher is so releaved and so is the class. Then Josh yells out what about the note????

The class look at each other and their jaws drop to the ground then they proceede to yell and scream and leap and hide under the deskes. But mr hobbett just sits there and sighs and says "I defently not getting paid enough for this"

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