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fat pooh

By Francis Forde

Once a pone a time there was a fat bear called winney the pooh

la la la la what a beautiful day it said piglet going to see pooh
‘‘Knock, knock.”
“Alright, alright. I’m coming,” said Pooh.”
‘‘Aaaaah! What has happened to you?” said Piglet.
‘‘What do you mean what has happened to m….. Oh no! What has happened to me? I’m fat. I wasn't like this yesterday.”
What dig you eat?” said Piglet.
“A roast beef, some chicken, a pizza.”
‘‘No. I mean for breakfast.”
‘‘A roast beef, some chicken, a pizza.”
‘‘O.K. Starting from tomorrow, we’re going to exercise.”
The following morning Piglet arrived at Pooh’s house……..
Pooh heard a knock knock at his door, so he got up out of bed.
“Ready for our big day?” said Piglet.
“Oh come on, get dressed and get out here,” said Piglet.
First a 30min run.
“Now that wasn't that bad, was it?”
Pooh, laying on the ground, “N..n…no, not at all.”
“Now stay down there and give me 20.”
1..2..20 All done.
Now that’s enough for today.
Will Pooh succeed or fail and stay in his fat body? Stay tuned and find out next time.
Im so fat said pooh

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