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By victoria

I sat. I sat atmy desk. All I colud do was wait. Finally I told mysel what if. All of a sudden, I started to write. As soon as I knew it my story wsa complete. It was amszing.I went down and shoued out to my sister, Olivia "I have my story".Olivia said" what story Victoria?" "Oh my gosh I cant belive you diddnt hear Publishers asked me to write a book and I finnaly got it perfect".I said. "I reached for the stars."

"Writing is quite fun Olivia ,but I really want to skate!"i said. "Go for skating or writing you can decide.Just listen too your heart."said Olivia. I said,"Depends on how popular my book is, It could be fantastic, amazing,great ,good, bad ,or even horrid." "Just reach for the stars."said Olivia.

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