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mrs wendels dance scool .

By keziah

here i was . standing outside the gates of mrs wendels dance school . I had been so happy when I learnt I was going that was intil I heard about what it was really like . I dont know if I belive what they told me but i'm nervous enyway . Nobodys here maybe I could just walk away . Hello you must be carlie welcome to mrs wendels dance school . I turn around there is mrs wendel . Ohno I thought .
Inside of the school was very old fasioned it was all made of wood . Exept the bar in the ballet room it was made of metal . Since this is a bording scool sied mrs wendel you'll have to share a room . Even worse I thought the girls didn't tell me that . your room is on the 2nd floor number 34 you'll be sharing with miss nason . I will see you tomorrow in class . And she left me there standing all alone not knowing where in the earth to go .
In about 20 minutes I found my room . Rene ( miss norenson ) was there neatly making her bed . It looked like the rest of the school mostley everything was made of wood . the sheets on the bed where plain white . rene's where pink . I wondered why that was .
The next morning we went down to breakfast . Then we went to start our day with our first dance lesson .
I dont know why the girls made such a fuss . I thought it was fun .



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