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A Mouse Problem

By Bobby Barker

‘Billy the Brave’, they called him. That was until the sleepover. The sleepover when Billy
saw the shadow of the mouse on the wall. The sleepover when the mouse squeaked into the microphone and scared Billy to death.

It all started when James (one of Billy’s gang) was handing out birthday invitations. Of course, Billy was up for it. That might have been a fatal mistake! Billy was a big bulky sort of guy, always got what he wanted. He had hair as thin as pencil leads and deep blue eyes.

The party was on a Saturday. Billy came early as ever with his friend Joseph. There was a knock on the door. James sprinted up the corridor to answer the door, his dark brown hair slapping his face and his white polo shirt clinging to his sweating chest. “ I’ll warn you about the mice problem. They’re everywhere!”
“Why”, said Joseph in a soft tone. “Because dad makes cheese for the Cheese a Lot factory and the pet shop mice found out”, replied James. That didn’t stop Billy. Maybe James should have said it a bit more convincingly. For Billy sake!

He took them inside and showed them around. A mouse scurried across the hall trying to escape from James’s cat ‘Ginger’. Its attempt failed as Ginger grabbed its tail, pinned it down to the ground with her strong claws and devoured it whole. “Disgusting” mumbled Joseph. “Don’t be a wimp”, replied Billy.

“Hey Vicky, want to play a game”, James called for his twin sister. “Fine”, Vicky called back. “It’s called Sing Star!!!!!!!!!” , exclaimed James. That only lasted a few minutes when James dropped the microphone to welcome more guests.

As time went by, the boys piled in, darkness began to fall and the dreaded bedtime was nearing. It was approaching nine o clock when James’s mum called something from the top of the stairs. “Boy’s time for bed,” she shouted. “Oh”, the boys groaned back.

After half an hour of messing about , some of the boys got tired and fell asleep. Unfortunately Billy was not one of them. If he was one of them he might not have heard the mouse. At that moment something that looked big and frightening stepped into the room. It approached Billy in his sleeping bag. Slowly crawling with its sharp claws or so it looked like on the walls. Billy felt like waking someone up but then they would realize that he was scared. BOOM! The mouse exploded into the microphone. “AAAAHHHHH!’’ Billy screamed at the top of his voice and sprinted out of the door feeling the mouse’s cold tail on his foot. “Help me, something’s got my foot”. Two seconds later the boy’s woke up just in time to see Billy’s terrified face. “What are you on about” cried James. “It’s just a mouse, were you scared”? “Of course not said Billy” in a worried voice. “I think you were. Billy the Brave no more”.

No one calls him ‘Billy the Brave’ any more. Now he’s just regular William Johns.

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