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The day I met Brian Falkner. (im not kidding it was cool)

By Leah

I actually met this guy. He's really cool. Here I go:
I was at school in the deputy-assistant whatsitsname principals office and i was one of about 8 who was chosen to go to a writing thingy at the intermediate. it was kinda exciting.
the next week i was in the int. hall and i knew that there was 2 authors and a illistrator.
10 minutes later i was in this room with some college students and a whole bunch of other random people and my two mates.
brian walked in and it was really kwl and he told us about stories and stuff and we wrote a bit of a story and i have to go to bed now so yeah but does brian remember me? it was in tokoroa intermiediate and i have blonde hair and i wrote a story about a blob called google and chinese food and i cried from laughing. ohno mums angry now goodbye!!!!!!

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