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The lucky and the unlucky

By Nathan Taylor

The lucky and the unlucky

Once upon a marsh there was two happy frogs that lived together. Lucky was young and a happy go lucky sort of guy - the other was older and named Stew - he was cautious and serious. One summer there was a drought, which dried up their marsh. Unfortunately the two frogs had to set out to find a new home.

During their rushed hop they came to a well with a stone wall around it, it was a perfect cool refreshing place. Lets jump in Lucky exclaimed. Hold on Stew argued how will we escape if the well dried up. They argued until they agreed that they would come to a decision in the morning.

Sneaking out late that night Lucky jumped into the well, it was a frog’s heaven he loved it there and stayed there for the rest of his life. As the morning went on, Stew began to get worried, he went looking for Lucky but suspected him to be dead so he set off on his journey by him self. After a while he came to a house and found a pond but just as he was about to jump in he found himself in a net and a lady saying, “Oh, I do love frog stew”. So truly in the end both frogs lived up to there names Lucky got lucky and Stew got stewed. THE END

Moral: It is not always bad to take risks.

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