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The name?Well I guess I will called it ' Tom Sim and Kara Sarr'

By Can not be revealed

'lalala...lalala...lala..lala....oh latarmyah tomkara lala...ohhhh..'
who are you?Well,no matter who you are but you've come to hear my story right?Well then,sit down and relax.....
Here I go...

I was six when I met her.Before I met her my life was miserable and sad.My father had died and my mother and me were living everywhere.My mother had a boyfriend,he...he was okay I guess.We lived with him in a small house in the forest beside some trees.Oneday I was taking a walk trying to find beetles(they were everywhere)when I met her...she was hanging upside down on a branch of a tree."Hello"she said and when she smiled..I noticed dimples.She had long blond hair and brown eyes..her laugh was unlike anything I ever heard."What is your name"she said in a voice like music."Tom"I replied,she looked happy and happy was a expression I haven't seen for a long time."Mine is Kara"she said and started singing(it might have been unsual to you but when started singing at that is seemed quite natural and it just blended in)"lamia kaia fanama raaay sa woooo,
kaaaahh iaa ama loot ta matar keeee ah.Ta ta lalala la....
lalala...lalala...lala....oh latarmyah tomkara lala...ohhhh.."Her voice was beautiful and the song seemed magical..."It is a magic charm"she said...

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