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Dancer of the Day

By Holly G. Farquhar

Abrail pumped up the radio, got her dancing runners on and jumped onto the table. "Rock On!" she shouted to herself. She started to slide around the table not knowing that she was going to get a special gift, one that would make her more popular than Kasey Newlington, super running champ and T.V. show winner. As soon as her mother came in she jumped down with the music still blasting away. “Young lady, you turn that radio of right now and go listen to your I-poll or I-pal or I-pod,” ordered her mother. “Ok,” she sighed. She pressed the little black button and walked off with her arms folded. “Good for nothing, in your face, ball of f…” her mother gave her a stern look “…Fun!” She did a snazzy dance move and ZING. “Hay, can I dance with you,” said her mother. Abrail was amazed. Yes I finally won mum over, she thought, but I didn’t do anything.

To be continued…

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