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'Escaping the Real World'

By Taylor B.

"Here, you will need this for your great day tomorrow, good night," mum's voice weaved through my de-powering brain. I,of coarse, thought she meant it was a great day because of my birthday. Wrong. Dad placed me in the caravan the next early morning on mum's lap with out me even knowing.

A bright light flicked and opened my eyes, a horse appeared posing like as if he was a statue.
"Hurry, my uncles sick, I need to give him this, hurry!" the horse explained holding a small cup with a icky, red subtence inside. I felt for the new stuffed toy that mum gave to me that very night, Judo but everywhere I looked I couln't find him, then I noticed that the horse owned a necklace that was just like what Judo had on. I wasn't scared though, this happened to every toy, didn't it?

My name is April Mayham, I am six years of age and live in a family of five including me. Mum, Dad, Simon who's 19 and Troy who's only 3.

On I mounted on what to seem to be my stuffed horse, Judo. He led me out the front door without waking anyone. As we started to stole up my street, twinkling water tip-toed off the heavy clouds and down onto the earth. The rain got heavier followed by thunder and lightning but Judo didn't stop. Until we reached the top of my street where he sniffed the wet, misty air. He looked around and finally staggored west towards a mighty mountain.
Judo tottered up a path that followed around and up the mighty mountain. The ride wasn't too bad until we heard,
"FEE FII FOO FUM, who dares climb my bum, I mean home?"
I hauled on Judo's main to make him stop but I didn't have to, he stopped all by himself. Rain pouring. Around the corner came a gigantic, hairy, smelly Booky Man!
"AHHHHH!" Came from both our mouths.
Judo ran back to a cave that was pitch black. Hiding from the Booky Man, some kind of subtance scrambled down Judo's leg.
"Did you just dribble on me?" questioned Judo looking at me in astoinishment.
I shook me head, I am young but not that young.
"He he he he, April, please he'll hear us, stop tickling my feet!"
"I'm not," I replied questioning what it could be?
We tilted our heads up, then back down. Another scream came from our mouths as we bolted out of the cave.
"They must be the Redeemers and the Rascals, my uncle warned me about them including the Booky man," declared Judo.
Running up the hill, away from the Redeemers, a group of little squrimming bats, and the rascals, little squirmming rats.
Not know that we were running right into the Booky Man.
Stomp, stomp. Oh no. Squeak, squeak. Oh no. We were trapped!
As the little vermens and the ugle Booky Man trapped us, panic arose.
A lightning bolt took place as thunder sounded, a branch snapped and blinded Judo.
"I'm gonna die! AHHHHH!" Cried Judo in a super high pitch.
Trying to recover his sight, the Booky Man, the Rascals and the Redeemers stuttered away frightened by the tremendous cry from Judo. The branch crawled off Judo's face.
"Well, that's that, lets go," Judo bravely explained with his chest up like a lion taking over.
The rest of the ride was pleasing, even the rain stopped.
Once we reached the top, an old horse stuggled to talk murmmed,
"My nephew, thank god you're here..."

Squeaking brake noices sounded.
"Wake up honey, we're at grandma's home," mum gently inquired.

It was all a dream, no way! Yes, it was all a dream. I looked at Judo that was snuck in my arms. Looking at him, and him looking at me, we smiled at each other.

It turned out that, I slept talk, Judo talking was Simon's television, the Booky Man was Uncle Joe leaping into the caravan, the Rascals and the Redeemers were Troy's toys and the bright lights were cars flying past, last, Judo's uncle, was grandpa and grandma.

The End

By Taylor B.

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