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The Resistence

By Kristian

Its the year 29999 and the human race is on the threat of extiction from the AI TECH (artifitial intelligence)but some people refuse to die these people are called the resistence.

One day Jonny Scalabour (the leader of the resistence) created a way to reverse the brain of an AI TECH asassin.He also created mechine that could travel back in time and then back to the presesnt.

2 years later the Jonny sent the AI TECH asassin back in time to the year 20000 to set things right but the AI TECH
Mother Board (The leader of the AI TECH) found out and broke in to the lab using the the net main frame through the computer and sent back his most latest AI TECH asassin called the Dragonfly TX a stronger model that is stronger than a normal asassin.

The regular asassin's job was to stop the AI TECH from taking over the human race and the Dragonfly TX's job was to kill the normal asassin so that the AI TECH would take over the human race.

25 years later the asassins met but the new Dragonfly TX was all destroyed from battles with the army and air force but still the regular asassin still had no chance of beeting it. So the asassin ran followd by the TX but the tx was too fast and cought up to the asassin and tried to shoot him in the back but the normal asassin dodge, turned around and shot the TX in the face and slowd it down. The TX was on the ground and ontop of the TX was a car crushing mechine then the normal asassin had and idea and climed up a lader into a controll booth for the car crusher. He turned on a magnetic device pulling the TX into the crusher and crushed the daylaights out of the TX.the TX was dead>With releif the normal asassin jump out of the controll booth walked off With a mission complete.

By Kristian

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