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By Jesse

be happy with you'
Jesse was the most popular guy in the school he had wavy brown hair light blue eyes that looked like a shooting star he had all the friends in the school he was on top of the world, but there was one person who did not like him, his name was mitch. He was the biggest bully in the school he had a girlfriend named Taylor she was a real annoying girl who only had friends because of her rich dad.

The bell rang and it was time for class the kids rushed in to class mr Boughton was waiting for the kids Jemma and sita were still playing and Marli was drawing still 'Jesse can you and Mitch go to the office for me for me' sure Jesse said 'go to mr kennedys office they walked out and headed towards the office 'hows your girlfriend' jesse asked 'what do you care' Mitch said. Hello mr Kennedy jesse mummbled 'how would you like to go on a a footy camp team to Autralia near the the Cowboys stadium jesse isn't that your favourite team' 'year it is' jesse yelled 'well do you want to go' yes they said well you leave tommorow.

they were ready to go and after they got off the plane they were there 'Hello my name is mr Shief and i will help you all improve your skills', 'now than lets go I will lead you to your camp' the two boys lost trackof them and got lost this is your fault that were lost they started to fight and the coach saw then thats it he yelled 'I will have your principal pick you up immidiatly and i dont think he will
they got to shool and everyone rushed to see if Mith was ok 'shame on you starting a fight like that and embarresing the school' said the principal. And suddenly he had turned from most popular to most hated.

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