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The Braking Point

By Marli

"Owwwwwww!" Ebony screamed
Jet Called from the top of Mt Kookaburra with his hand's gripping to the red clay, "Are you ok?"
"No, I think I broke my wrist," Ebony said struggling to not let the hidden tear fall from her beautiful blue watery eyes. As Jet was just about to ask her if she could move it, the rope started to brake.

"AAHH!" Ebony shrieked. Jet grabbed on to the rope and with all his mite, he hulled the fraying rope up, but soon afterwards he slowly got tried until he couldn't pull any more.

He sat down where he started thinking of what he could do. Suddenly the rope started falling with bits of red clay accomponing it. Startled more then ever, Jet jumped up and pulled. This time he wasn't going to give up. He was going to save her.

Finally he started to see his friend's bright, shiny blonde hair. She hulled herself to the top of Mt Kookaburra with the only good hand that she had left.

Afterwards she hugged Jet and finally that hidden tear fell from her eye. They collected al their gear and started walking off into the bushlands of Mt Kookaburra.

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