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world of warcraft

By Jonathon

It was a world of defent races. The Night Elf the dwarfs the gnomes and the humens were called the alance. They tryed to take over the world. but the horde try to save the world. And thay had defent races they had oces trolls the undead and tranatars. They tryed to save the world for 9 millenion the war went on then 2 more races came call the blood elfs and the shamen.

The shamen tryed to help take over the world. But the blood elfs did not know what they should do should they help the alance or the horde. the blood elfs were greedy and whated to have power so that join the alance. The horde new that they were going to lose but thay still tryed to save this world. But the horde was loseing many numbers soon the horde would be no more they had lost many millons close to 684 millon.

But the horde will keep fighting till they are no more. The war still went on for 10 year but the horde was no match. 3 more years latter the horde only has 100 thousand left. they were going to die soon of old age. So they went all out all 100 thousand of them. And all 100 thousand of them were killed the horde was no more.

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