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Popo and Pepe

By Melissa

Popo and Pepe are worst enemies even though they are brother and sister. At school the most biggest fight that's ever happened was when Popo started to tease Pepe so she got all her friends and bashed him up.

Their parents Mr and Mrs Dilladong had organised a family trip hoping it would stop them from fighting. Screaming and yelling, they both did as soon as they found out. Popo was angry but Pep was furious and wanted to run away. Popo and Pepe were chained to the back seats in the car.

When they arrived Popo dashed out of the car so he could get away from his aggresive sister. Not knowing what was gonna happen next Mr and Mrs Dilladong left the camp site having it already planned. It took the two children nearly three hours once realising their parents were gone. Popo panicked but Pepe was wondering why they left them both behind with all the camping gear.

" Popo pull yourself together we have to get out of here A.S.A.P".

"There is no way i'm going to get out of here with you with me".

"Oh well I will leave you here then".

They camped ! night at the campsite then left in the morning. They walked back to town in silence. Suddenly they came across a river that was blocking their way. Pepe caught eye of a fallen log. Popo walked across safely but because she was a bit heavier than Popo she fell. Popo rescued Pepe from the river rapids just in time.

They made it back to their home Mr and Mrs Dilladong were proud of them both coming back home safely.

After this event none of them ever fighted again


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