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Friends Are Forever No Matter What!

By Sita

Running, Aimee raced to her friend whom she had seen tragically crash into her car. Aimee unharmed and well observed Stephanie's life less body. Racing down the street were the Ambulance, with their loud, echoing sirens. Before Aimee knew it she was at the hospital sitting beside stephanie's bed. She was still alive. Greatfull she started crying at how close it was to her losing her best and only friend.

School had started the next morning, she had begged her mum to let her stay home but no tears, acting or yelling would make her mum say yes. It was the most horrible day of her life. She had no friends as Stephanie was her only friend. Thoughtful, Aimee decided she didn't want to make friends that would be betraying Stephanie and her friendship( Steph would of wanted her to make friends), also Aimee wasn't really nice and pleasant to others as she thought every one was ganging up on her ( which really wasn't true).

She visited her friend in the hospital they had a chat about their day smiling and grinning as they discussed how weird and whacky their day was without eachother. Then the smile had been wiped of her face. Stephanie explained to Aimee that her legs were parallised and that she would never be able to walk again. Without thinking she ran out of the room leaving stephanie to cry. Aimee could not think. What could she do, her best and only friend would not be able to play, skip, run, jump and walk along the beaches like they used to. Aimee felt like crying, but she couldn't she had to be there for her friend and stay strong.
She walked back into the room, She could see stephs big green eyes were drowning in tears. Aimee's rose coloured lips trembled, she couldn't help it, she was going to cry. The two girls weeped and weeped together on the bed but afterwards they started to feel better a little bit better. They knew that whatever happens they were there for each other. Aimee's mum drove her home, she went straight up to her room. She stared outside her window the stars gleamed at her as if to say 'Its ok everything will be alright'. Suddenly a shooting star shot pass. She made a wish.

The next day she visted the hospital and their Stephanie was. Standing, waiting for her.

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