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The House

By Rowan

Lawn Street is a cheery bright street, all the houses are brightly coloured and have happy owners, except for number 6. This house is strange and dark and nobody had been inside it for years. Some people say that it is haunted, like Luke and some think that there is a logical explanation such as Max.

Max and Luke were leaving school at the end of the grade 7 second term and once again Max had a great report card, straight A's and B's. But Luke (as usual) had straight C's and an occasional B. Exept for Lukes sport results, a big fat juicy A+. As they entered Lawn street they looked at the great big black house and Luke said "that house is totally haunted" and then Max protested "is not, there is a logical explanation." They would do this every afternoon.

One afternoon the two boys were getting sick of fighting over what was happening with the century old, creaking wooden house. So they made a plan. On Wednesday Luke walked over to his friends house. He knocked on the door and called "Max!" And soon enough out come Max with a peice of paper and a pen. They sat on the fence making a plan. Max drew a scary house on the centre of the paper, then both the boys made the plan by drawing lines into and around the house.

On Thursday the boys armed themselves with flashlights and popped out of their houses in a secret agent kind of way and walked carefully over to the door of the dark house. Max quickly knocked and then stood back. Nothing happened but then something moved and shined yellow. Max changed his mind and said "it is haundted!" The boys were scared stiff but Luke mustered all his courage and opened the door... It creaked. Then something sprung out. The boys jumped back but then realised it was just a black cat with yellow eyes. The two boys explored the house but found nothing except rats and dust.

They told everyone and were not scared any more. The house even became a protected landmark because of its age. Both Luke and max learnt not to jump to conclusions and everyone in the street started to like the house then.

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